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Origins Modern Friction 125ml £31 I actually recieved this 15ml sample a couple of months ago, when I ordered a few things from the w...

I actually recieved this 15ml sample a couple of months ago, when I ordered a few things from the website and just chucked it in a box with my other sample products but when I ran out of my Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub I thought I'd give this a go. It's labelled as 'nature's gentle dermabrasion' which is obviously a facial scrub that's supposed to remove dead skin cells. It's definately a gentle scrub in comparison to the Lush Ocean Salt, sometimes the Ocean Salt is too abrasive for my skin and leaves it quite red but I've had no problems with the Modern Friction scrub, I'd definately use this more often than the Lush one. It's nice for when your skin feels tight and you want a deep cleanse without it being too harsh on your skin. I haven't been using this at any particular time of the day, just whenever I felt that my skin needed it. On a morning, I'd use this after my facial wash and then tone and at night, I'd use this after cleansing my skin. You apply this onto clean dry skin and massage it in but as my skin can be quite sensitive, I like to add a small amount of water, so it lathers up and I find this works just as well.
I can't say I've noticed any changes to my skin becoming more luminous and glowing, but I have just been using a small sample over the past couple of weeks, though I could see over time how this might improve the appearance of my skin. It does however leave my skin feeling soft and smooth and that nice feeling you get when you've gave your skin a good pampering! I'm terrible at describing scents but the thing I always think about Origins products is that they smell 'clean'.. sort of a herbal scent! I'm unsure which one to repurchase, what do you think?

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  1. Always on the look out for new Origins products to try out... lovely post :)

    Olivia - xx


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