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This is probably my favourite outfit out of them all, I think this would be a perfect for the weather in Paris for Spring/Summer when it&...

This is probably my favourite outfit out of them all, I think this would be a perfect for the weather in Paris for Spring/Summer when it's warm but still a bit chilly. I've been eyeing this jumper for a while and I really like it matched with the trousers, giving the outfit that Paris chic feel. For the shoes, I chose these flat sandals as you'd be walking around Paris all day sightseeing, you'd want comfy shoes! The Zara bag is another item I've been eyeing for months, everyone seems to be going crazy for it, I've seen it on a lot of blogs which has made me want it even more. It's the perfect travel bag as it has space for everything, different pockets and compartments for your laptop, iPad and all the junk you throw in your bag. 

Whenever I go shopping in London, or shopping anywhere really, I like to be comfortable and don't like a lot of layers, which makes trying on clothes much easier. I've chosen this oversized dress from Urban Outfitters, I love how baggy and oversized it is. For the shoes, I chose these flatforms from ASOS, I love these brogue style flatforms, I have a similar pair from H&M, they're really comfy which is what you need for when walking around the busy streets of London all day. As the weather in England is very unpredictable, I've chosen this coat, also from ASOS, which I think would look great thrown over this dress, possibly with a belt to cinch in the waist.

I had to Google what a full moon party was and from the pictures I've seen, it's like a beach party which takes place at night. Due to Thailand being so hot, I've chosen this cami from Topshop as it's very light and airy and paired it with these shorts also from Topshop. I've also chosen these sandals as they'd be perfect for the beach and along with the necklace they give a bohemian feel. Finally, I chose a small bag, with a lock so I wouldn't lose anything and nothing could get stolen.

This is a typical outfit that I'd take on holiday, I love mixing monochrome items with a pop of colour, as you can tell it's been a running theme throughout these outfits, which wasn't on purpose. I love the skater skirt from River Island, I matched this with a orange cami from Topshop, I love the contrast between the black and orange. I chose a silver necklace with blue detailing, slightly clashing with the orange cami. Finally for the bag and shoes, I kept it neutral which I think makes for a good balance of colours. I never wear heels abroad so these sandals would be perfect for me, they look really comfy. I struggled a bit to get it under £200, which is why it's exactly at the £200 limit! I just couldn't let the Cambridge Satchel go!

For cocktails in New York, I wanted to create a cool outfit to match the New York lifestyle. I fell in love with this jumpsuit from Topshop, it's covered in elephants! I paired it with this bright orange blouse from Mango, I love the contrast between the two. I love heels but struggle to walk in anything other than wedges, so these are perfect for me and I really like the peep toe and cut out details. I added a chunky gold bracelet which adds to the tribal feel with the elephants and bright orange blouse. I did originally choose a black clutch for this outfit but decided to go with the colour clashing blue from ASOS!

Worldwide Wardrobe is a fashion competition which is being ran by Travel Supermarket and all you have to do is create an outfit for each occasion with a budget of £200 (for each outfit). There are five categories in total; clubbing in Ibiza, sightseeing in Paris, shopping in London, full moon party in Thailand and cocktails in New York. The winner of each category will win holiday to the destination they have styled their outfit for and £200 to buy the outfit you have created.
For full details on how you can enter, visit the Travel Supermarket website here

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