Easy Brush Cleaning

It's recommended that you wash your makeup brushes after every use to prevent them accumulating dirt and bacteria which can lead to s...

It's recommended that you wash your makeup brushes after every use to prevent them accumulating dirt and bacteria which can lead to spots. I have to admit that I don't wash my brushes as much as I should, I try to wash them once a week, which is what should be the minimum, but sometimes I just forget about them.. oops.

For me this is the easiest way to bulk clean brushes, giving them a deep cleanse. I use Johnson's baby shampoo as it's strong enough to wash them thoroughly but gentle enough that it won't damage the brushes. It's really inexpensive and has lasted me ages! I add a small pea size amount to a jug with a little water and swirl the brushes around onto the bottom of the jug. I do this until the water turns dirty then I change the water and repeat until the water stays clear. I then place the brushes on a rolled up towel so this creates an angle and leave to dry overnight. You want to place the brushes on an angle so that the water runs down onto the towel and doesn't damage the bristles inside the brush. Below are step by step images on how I do this.

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  1. I do my brush cleaning exactly like this! I would never do it under running water, only watching others do it gives me heartache because of wasting the water.

  2. Brilliant post!... I realllyyy don't wash my brushes enough!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. I do pretty much the same thing, works really well :) I always forget to clean mine too, oops!



  4. I use johnsons baby shampoo too - its usually on offer in asda for one pound a bottle so its pretty cheap and cheerful :) I am abit OCD and wash my brushes every sunday haha! X


  5. ahh thankyou really helpful haha xx


  6. I love this. I've heard of using baby shampoo to clean brushes before but this is a really cool technique, I look forward to trying it.

    xo, Janiecy

  7. I love cleaning my makeup brushes (sad I know but bun da system!) xx

    I use lightweight shampoo but I really need to get baby shampoo as I know that it definitely won't mess up my brushes. They actually have this shampoo in the 99p shop right now (for a price of 99p just in case)

    Bright and Dandy

  8. I use this baby shampoo to clean mine. I'll admit there was one brush which i had never cleaned (oops) but when i did, wow, it was diiiiirty!


  9. I do the same thing, but I'm using another soap from Dove. It's always hard to think about washing the brushes after every use. So I also wash them once a week.

  10. Thank you for the tips! I'm exactly the same, need to wash them more! xo

    Pretty Petticoats

  11. My way is a little different so I will def try yours :)

  12. Just flipping through your blog. Really nice tips, probably better than scrubbing them with soap. :p

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord


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