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As you are reading this, I'll be in the airport on my way to Lanzarote with my boyfriend, his mam and cousin, so I thought I'...

As you are reading this, I'll be in the airport on my way to Lanzarote with my boyfriend, his mam and cousin, so I thought I'd do a holiday post for today. Does anyone else have to have a Burger King every single time, no matter what time of the day it is?

Obviously a good bikini is needed, unless you're going on a skiing holiday, I loved Topshop's jumpsuit they did in this banana print and I love the bikini even more. I normally burn on holiday but last year I used the Piz Buin Factor 30 1 Day Long Lotion sun cream and I didn't burn (apart from my feet when I forgot to apply it to them). I actually got a tan too, which normally never happens! I kept topping up with a Nivea factor 15 spray when I got out of the pool as I wouldn't trust it to last all day, but the combination of the two worked well!

I never wear heels on holiday, these Topshop sandals would be perfect for both day and night, if I had a spare £52 I'd definitely purchase these but as poor at the minute I've had to stick to Primarni. The sandals are actually really nice though, I'll have to upload a pic! I always burn my scalp without fail so I have to wear a hat, most of the time I lie with a towel over my head like an idiot...

As I've ran out of Bioderma, I needed something to replace it as I didn't have time to order one from eBay. I picked up the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I've heard really good reviews about this and it's more than half the price - I'll let you know how I got on with it when I'm back. I really want to try this Redken hair after sun mask, my hair is always really dry and horrible on holiday. I'm taking the last of my Tigi Headshot conditioner away with me so might purchase this for my next holiday in July! My last few holidays I've been using a lip balm with an spf in it as they always used to burn, this one by Kiehl's sounds really nice! Finally, as I usually never tan I've started wearing fake tan on holiday... it's stupid I know but I seriously don't tan. Instead of taking my usual fake tanner away, I've opted for a gradual tanner. I'm dying to try this one by Clarins as it's an after sun with a gradual fake tan in it. For a cheaper option, I'm planning on mixing the Palmer's Natural Bronze gradual tanner in with my after sun!

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend & don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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  1. The L'oreal Micellar water is brill! I'm on my third bottle but its two for £6 at the moment in superdrug! xx

  2. oooh i'm going to Lanzarote in three weeks! Love the bikini! xo

  3. Enjoy your holiday, super jealous.
    Love the bikini.

  4. Oh gosh those topshop sandals are super gorgeous! I want them too!! <3

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya -

  5. Ah- I want those sandals! Love the Topshop bikini too, perfect for hot summer days at the beach x

  6. omg now i want those sandals so bad - the metal details are stunning xox

    check out my new outfit post featuring neon pink and beetlejuice! :)

  7. I'm such a fan of the micellar water! :) I also love the print of that bikini! Xx

  8. Nice post, I really love your blog! Would you like to follow each other with bloglovin'?
    X Anna

  9. Bikinis and sunscreen are summer must haves !

  10. loving the Topshop sandals although, like you, I can't afford them right now (sigh)
    Would you like to follow me?

  11. That bikini is so lovely, I desperately need a new bikini and bikini shopping is much harder than I thought it would be, haha!
    I've tagged you in a post 'the seven deadly sins of beauty', have a look and see if its something you would be interested in doing :)

  12. I actually LOVE that bikini! I really want a high-waisted one and I love the banana print- it's so summery:) ..Equally love the topshop sandals- they would go with everything!

    Gemma's Diaries


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