MoneySupermarket - What's In Your Handbag?

MoneySupermarket are currently running a competition for the chance to win a Mulberry Bayswater, purse and phone case. Also, six runners ...

MoneySupermarket are currently running a competition for the chance to win a Mulberry Bayswater, purse and phone case. Also, six runners up will win £25 ASOS vouchers. All you have to do is write up a blog post which shows the contents of your bag and add up how much each item is worth to see how much you're bag and contents are worth. To find out more information about the competition click here. I love reading these posts as I'm nosy and like to see what people carry around with them on a daily basis.

I normally don't really change up what's in my bag that often and usually use the same bag for months and let loads of receipts and empty wrappers accumulate, so I tidied up for the purpose of this post. I've never actually added up the contents of my bag and I'm scared to see how much I'm walking around with on my shoulder every day..

  • My bag was a present for my 21st birthday, along with the purse, both from Karen Millen. I have no idea how much they were, I'm going to guesstimate £150.
  • My phone would normally be in my bag, an iPhone 4S - £450
  • iPod Touch 1st gen - £180
  • Karen Millen glasses - £125
  • Daily makeup bag & contents - approx. £40
  • Car & house keys + keyrings - approx. £200
  • Boss Orange Perfume - £45
  • Soap & Glory Hand Maid & Hand Food - £5
  • Sunglasses - £2
  • Moxie - £2
  • Diary - £2
  • Comb - £2
  • Rennie tablets - £2
  • Kleenex tissues - 20p
  • Sweeties - £2
All together the contents of my bag add up to a scary £1207.20. I didn't even realise how much the contents of my bag were worth and what I was actually walking around with every day. Things like car keys which I just chuck in my bag without a thought, if I lost them, they'd cost around £150 to replace as I don't have a spare! I'll probably never let my bag out of my sight ever again! If you've entered the competition then leave your posts below so I can have a read!

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  1. Where did you get your sunglasses?! They're gorgeous! xxx

    1. They're from Primark! Either £1 or £2 can't remember now, they might still be in though! xx

  2. Oo I love posts like this too! I may have to do it too xx

    Olivia -

  3. It's crazy when you add up the costs of the contents of your handbag. I bet mine comes up to a similar price.

    Love posts like this :)



  4. I was so surprised when I added up how much my contents and bag are worth too!

    My post is here:

    Bree :)

  5. this is such a great idea! I think I might do a post like this too!

  6. Gosh this is so interesting!! I would never have thought to add up what's in my bag..hahaa I kind of don't want to find out!!

  7. Oh goshh, I'd love to add up every single penny of how much everything in (and including) my bag worth! But probably will make me feel out of place as I'm getting close to the stage of being 'skint' (the word that students use quite often haha)!

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya -

  8. i dont think i'd like to know how much my bag and the contents adds up to!
    great post!

  9. Hello Darling! I'm so glad that I found your blog. Your Posts are amazing and you are such an interesting Person, awesome! It would be such a great Thing, if we would follow each other and we could Keep in touch though. What do you think about it? Just let me know! <3

  10. Love this type of post i'm so nosy lol! I think if i did it though mine would mainly be junk bits of paper and receipts lol!
    Hannah :)

    Love, Life, and Makeup Blog/Twitter/Pinterest


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