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I've been tagged by the lovely Chelsea from H umble Honestly to do the 'Budget Bucket List' competition that's being held b...

I've been tagged by the lovely Chelsea from Humble Honestly to do the 'Budget Bucket List' competition that's being held by MoneySupermarket. The inspiration for this competition came from the film 'The Bucket List' starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson where they had to complete a list of things they would like to do before they 'kicked the bucket'. If you haven't seen the film then it's a really good watch! So basically, the challenge is to include one 'budget' and one 'extravagant' bucket list, explaining why you'd love to do them and what's stopped you. Finally you need to tag 3 bloggers that you would like to see complete the competition. If you would like to read more about the competition then you can do so here.

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This may sound ridiculous but I had no idea that London had a zoo.. yep.. I've recently found out that they actually do have one and I've been dying to go ever since, but haven't had the money to spare. I'd take my boyfriend along with me as he's also obsessed with animals, we'd probably have to get thrown out at closing time. I'd love to say an African safari holiday but as this is the budget part of the challenge then London is good enough! With a cheap hotel and the Megabus for transport, it's definitely doable on a budget! I haven't seen an elephant before and I'm dying to see one, they're so cute, especially the little babies!! This literally would be the best day ever! 

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I think if I had an unlimited amount of money then I'd have to take close friends and family on an amazing holiday to somewhere like Bora Bora. You know when you torture yourself by imaging all the amazing things you'd do if you won the lottery, well this is always at the top of my list. You could always give people money and buy them things but I'd love to share a once in a lifetime holiday with people that I love.

People that I tag (sorry that it's late, I was tagged today):
Boonya from The Arty Wardrobe
Hannah from B-L-A-B
Belle from Mascara and Malteasers

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  1. Thanks for the tag Rachael!
    I really want to go to London zoo too, i'm moving up there for a year next week so have no excuse not to go now haha.

    Hannah x

    1. You're welcome Hannah.
      Ahh I'll be so jealous!!! x

  2. Bora Bora looks amazing! I'm ashamed to say I seen it on an episode of the Real Housewives and have wanted to go there ever since! See we both like animals maybe mine are just a bit more dangerous haha! Love your list, made up you chose to take part! xxxx

    1. Hahaha I watched a couple of them, they're ridiculous! It's too ridiculous not to watch though!
      Haha yeah, at least elephants wouldn't try and eat you!xxx

  3. bora bora is the dream i have to say! it looks incredible xxx


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