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At the weekend, I went to visit Liam in Leeds and we decided to go for a belated anniversary meal. There were a few different restaurants...

At the weekend, I went to visit Liam in Leeds and we decided to go for a belated anniversary meal. There were a few different restaurants that we were looking at, including The Alchemist and The Botanist but we decided on The Restaurant Bar & Grill in Leeds City Centre. The restaurant is situated in a huge old post office building and the entrance is equally as impressive, there was a wall made out of wine bottles which was lit up by a blue light. We were asked if we would like a drink at the bar before going to our table, for some reason we said yes then instantly regretted it as it was rammed full of loud business men so we decided to just go to our table. Thankfully we were upstairs away from all the noise, if you were thinking about going here I'd think about asking for a table upstairs as it was quieter but still had a good atmosphere.

As we sat down the waiter came for our drinks order and brought over some bread and oil. I've never understood why people enjoy dipping bread in oil, I just think it's a weird concept.. the bread was nice though.

I went for amaretto and cranberry as it's the best drink in the world and Liam decided on a boring pint of Becks.

As a little put of while waiting for our mails we had the Garlic Bread Sourdough Crust. I liked how they came on little cutting boards instead of a plate.. I really don't know why. It was really nice, not too garlicy!

There was a lot to choose from the menu, it was very varied and even someone as picky as me had a few options to choose from but we both opted for the same main, a fillet steak with hash brown and spinach. We also got sides of chips and mash. SO MUCH POTATO. It was definitely one of the nicest steaks I've had, I asked for it well done but it wasn't tough at all and still a bit juicy without being too red. I can't handle the sight of blood in my food, no way. I'd also eat anything with peppercorn sauce, it's just amazing, this is also one of the nicest peppercorn sauces I've tried, how sad of me. We both agreed that we'd definitely come back, maybe next time I visit. All the staff were really friendly, the atmosphere was a nice balance, not too pretentious or snooty.

rubbish photo i know!
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  1. I've been wanting to try out the bar and grill for a while now now but haven't yet! Judging from the pictures and your thoughts I really should!

  2. oh my gosh! that food looks so amazing, especially the bread! Also, I love your jacket, I'm going to search for it on the h&m US store!

    carly || sundays grace blog

  3. I've been here! One of my best friends lives in Leeds and when I came home to the UK a couple of years ago for Xmas we went here in Leeds. It's right at the bottom of the Banking district (I'm a Banker) and so yep always full of loud mouthy bankers!! We also sat upstairs overlooking the floor underneath-I loved the building and it's features and the wine wall!

    You're making me want to go back for a good steak!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xxx

  4. You've made me so hungry :( looks amazing! I really fancy some garlic bread now! xx

  5. Great post thank you, LOVE restaurant reviews. Your jacket is amazing, can't believe it's from H&M, it's very Zara!

    Love Em x

  6. Awwhh you look so pretty :) I love your jacket, and look like you and your boyfriend had a wonderful time! I'm off to Leeds next month, might have to find this restaurant haha. <3

    Boonya -

  7. Sounds like a nice place, I will have to tell my sister about it as she is studying in leeds x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. Oh my god this looks so amazing, literally drooling haha. Snap on the jacket ;) Looks lush on you though. Just fingers crossed when we do something we both don't wear it haha. X

  9. This restaurant sounds lovely. I don't live anywhere near Leeds though...I wonder if there are any in London!

    Hannah x


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