The First Dry Shampoo

We all know how much of a pain it is to wash our hair, I literally plan my life around my hair schedule it's ridiculous. Before thing...

We all know how much of a pain it is to wash our hair, I literally plan my life around my hair schedule it's ridiculous. Before things like dry shampoos were invented people used to use talc to soak up excess oil in hair between washes to prolong clean looking hair. A few years ago I'd never heard of dry shampoo and I used to use baby powder all the time to fool everyone.

Obviously the only way to have cleaner hair is to wash it but when you don't have the time or you just can't be bothered then dry shampoo is the answer. I usually use Batiste Dry Shampoo but one day I ran out and just never repurchased it. I found this lying around and it's all I've been using for the past couple of months. You can buy Johnson's Baby Powder for around £1 and yes you can buy dry shampoo for £1 too but the cost per use is nowhere near the amount of uses you get from a tub of baby powder. I can't even remember how long I've had this, whereas dry shampoo lasts me about a month at the most.

All I do is flip over my hair and sprinkle a small amount onto any nasty, greasy bits, just be careful not to apply too much to the roots as it can leave your hair looking grey. It completely soaks up all of the excess oil and your hair looks nice and clean again, so you can fool everyone. Just comb through to get rid of any excess powder and style how you'd like and you're good to go.

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  1. I always use talc when I run out of dry shampoo - I told my mom to do it the other day and she thought I was disgusting! It's so good and defo a cheaper alternative (Although batiste isn't that expensive anyway, but you know) haha xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. I remember hearing years ago that Kelly Osbourne used to do this and always did it when my hair was emergency greasy hahah xx

  3. Great tip- I am definitely goin to check this out next

  4. I always use baby powder when I run out of bastiste! does exactly the same job x

  5. It doesn't really work in my hair because I have such dark roots! Works well on lighter hair though :)

  6. I remember doing this in high school haha brings back so many memories :) great post!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  7. I should try this as I find that a can of Batiste seems to run out so quickly?! My hair takes me 2 hours to dry and straighten and I cannot be bothered doing it more than 2 times a week at the most. xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  8. Some Johnsons products really are quite good, no need to buy something else which lasts half as long. Visit my blog, and read my Johnsons Baby Lotion many uses you wouldn't believe.
    Becka x

  9. I always used to use talc before I discovered Batiste!! I have to use Batiste dark now though as my hair is so dark that you would spot the talc from a mile off. xx


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