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Bomb Cosmetics Orange Blossom & Jasmine Bath Brulee I've only recently heard of Bomb Cosmetics when I received a few thin...

I've only recently heard of Bomb Cosmetics when I received a few things from my boyfriend's mam a couple birthdays ago. Bomb Cosmetics is a company similar to Lush, creating handmade natural products. They're also strongly against animal testing and recycle whatever materials they can. So far so good right?

I received this bath brulee in November and I've been storing it in my wardrobe so it would make my clothes smell amazing, it looks so pretty I didn't want to use it! I finally decided to use it the other day for the first time, you can actually get up to 6 uses out of it which is incredible for a bath bomb. As with all bath bombs you just plop it into your bath and let it fizz away, but with the Bomb Cosmetics Brulee's you just take it out after a little while and let it dry on the side of your bath ready for next time. As you can see it doesn't give out much colour, which I wasn't expecting with it being a pale yellow but it smells absolutely delicious.

The Orange Blossom & Jasmine bath brulee contains cocoa, shea butter, Geranium and Jasmine essential oils. You can massage the foam into your skin whilst you are in the bath, making your skin feel amazing. Even after you get out of the bath, you can feel the oils from the bath brulee soaking into your skin. They left my skin feeling so soft and smelling gorgeous! I'm definitely going to be purchasing more products from Bomb Cosmetics. They also sell candles, massage bars, face masks etc. which I'm dying to try!


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  1. I love bath cosmetics and this one looks so scrummy! It is good to try other brands other than Lush although I am slightly obsessed with Lush at the moment...

    lovely post!
    zara xx

  2. This looks delicious, I haven't ever tried anything like this!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  3. I love Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs, they always smell AMAZING!!

    Alexandraindia - Lexii -

  4. I've never tried bomb cosmetics, it's really weird that it doesn't colour the bath water but maybe that's not such a bad thing? I saw someone on twitter the other night who used a lush bath bomb and it stained all the enamel on her bath!!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  5. The bath bomb is so beautiful I wouldn't want to use it hahaha. I totally thought I was the only one who stuck bathbombs in the closet to make clothes smell divine!!! Yay!


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  7. I love the look of this - it looks lovely! It also looks good enough to eat ha! Love your blog and I'm now following x
    Sweet Dreams

  8. I've used this brand before and was left a little on the fence about it. Whereas they look amazing, I just don't find them as nice as Lush. The way you've described this one, it sounds like it smells amazing!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic


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