Occo Dalmacija No1 Wax Cleanser

Dalmacija No1 Softwax Cleanser ( available here  £28) I have to admit that I had no previous knowledge of the brand OCCO before purc...

Dalmacija No1 Softwax Cleanser (available here £28)

I have to admit that I had no previous knowledge of the brand OCCO before purchasing this product, I just hoped for the best. I love trying out products that I was previously unaware of as I'm not persuaded in any way and I get to judge products purely on what they're like with my skin. I do admit that I'm a sucker for hyped up products. If like me you haven't heard of OCCO then here's a little snippet from their website to fill you in.
"OCCO is a new natural, luxury spa brand inspired by the diverse, rich natural resources of the unspoilt Dalmatian Coat and Adriatic Sea. "
This Gentle Softwax Cleanser is from OCCO's Dalmacija facial care range, which sets out to fill your skin with vital energy and radiant health. When I spotted this I knew I needed to try it as a wax cleanser has been what's missing from my skincare routine. As you can see on the image above, it has a similar consistency to Vaseline, that's actually what it feels like when you massage it over your face but not as disgusting as you might think. It's very soft and cooling on the skin and gently cleanses your face, leaving my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. I also use a muslin cloth if I am removing makeup or for a deeper cleanse. It has a light fresh scent which I'm pleased about as I'm not a fan of any skincare that's too overpowering, especially products I apply to my face. I also love that it comes in a glass jar, it instantly feels more luxurious.

I actually spotted this in my local TK Maxx for £5.99, £22 cheaper than the RRP. You're probably sick of me droning on about TK Maxx by now so I won't go on too much but if you're interested in the OCCO brand you should have a pop down to see what you can find.

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  1. I'm always eager to try out a bargain TK Maxx product, I hoard as many items as I think look good/high-end and then check them out on my phone to see if they're worth it haha!! This cleanser sounds lovely xx

    Kat from blushingrose.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This looks so interesting.. I didn't know this brand but I'd love to give it a go x



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