Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet Dupe

Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet / The Body Shop Shimmer Waves Due to the Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet being limited edition (how ...

Due to the Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet being limited edition (how annoying), I noticed myself using it sparingly. It's such a pretty palette that I've found that I'm a bit stingy with using it for everyday makeup. Amazingly I rediscovered The Body Shop Shimmer Waves when I was giving my makeup draw a little tidy, I've actually had two of these little duo palettes as I used to use it pretty much every day. When I was looking at it, I realised how similar the shadows were to the Clarins palette and kicked myself for not realising this sooner.

You can read my full review of the Clarins palette here.
The Body Shop Shimmer Waves is a palette that I've loved for years, it has beautiful shades to create both natural and night looks. You can also use it for your cheeks too, which of course is a bonus. I do have to admit that I do enjoy using the Clarins palette more as the eyeshadows are so buttery soft and the Clarins rose gold shade is definitely my favourite, but with The Body Shop palette being half the price you can't really complain. It's not limited edition either!

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  1. What a fantastic dupe. The colours are gorgeous :) I love The Body Shop cosmetics x

    Under Blue Lights

    1. I know, couldn't believe how similar they are. I love the body shop shimmer waves, they're great for a bronzer too! X


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