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Benefit Gimme Brow I honestly never thought I'd say 'I actually like my eyebrows today' as usually they're just cr...

I honestly never thought I'd say 'I actually like my eyebrows today' as usually they're just crap. My friend thinks I'm a total weirdo as I love her eyebrows (they're amazing), I've always been jealous as mine are naturally very thin and sparse. This same friend actually gave me this to try as it was too light for her *thanks Alex* and I'm so glad she did. 

At first I didn't really get how to use it, I used to fill in my brows with an eyeshadow and then use this to try and set them... but of course it's not a setting gel. I then tried to use a lot of product by itself which just looked odd as it left hard clumps of hair. I finally realised the magic behind it, it's brow-volumising fiber gel helps create fuller, thicker brows. I use this first to build volume and shape my brows, I then use an eyeshadow to fill them in and then the Benefit Brow Zings to define and I absolutely love the combination of products.

First I apply the Benefit Gimme Brow to thicken and shape my brows. You can see that the Gimme Brow has definitely made my eyebrows thicker and I'd be much happier leaving the house with just this product alone.

I then use Urban Decay's Naked shadow from the Naked 1 palette to fill in my brows.

Finally I use the Benefit Brow Zings to define. Sometimes I'll go over the wax with the shadow again to make it more natural looking.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, lemme know your favourite brow product!

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  1. Ohh wow! What a transformation. I'm already a massive fan of the Benefit browzings but I might have to try adding this Gimme Brow into the mix too.
    Martha xo
    It's in the Details, Dahhling

  2. Amazing! I've been really interested in the Gimme Brow. I really dislike my brows too haha, they're so sparse and have very little shape! I think this would help out a lot :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Really must try this out, sounds amazing! Love the new blog design btw!


  4. Beautiful blog and photos! xx

  5. I love benefit products and really want to try this out!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. I recently got this and bit works great on it own for me. I also really love the NYX eyebrow cake powder and of course the anastasia brow wiz

  7. I've heard so many great reviews about Benefit brow products, I really want to try some out. They're worked wonders on your brows! 😍

  8. Wow this looks so good, you definitely have the brow filling down to a fine art !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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